PubDNA Finder

Courtesy: Dr Raghava & Bioclues
PubDNA Finder is an online repository to link
PubMed Central manuscripts to the sequences of nucleic acids appearing
in them. It extends the search capabilities provided by PubMed Central
by enabling researchers to perform advanced searches involving
sequences of nucleic acids. This includes, among other features, (1)
searching for papers mentioning one or more specific sequences of
nucleic acids and (2) retrieving the genetic sequences appearing in
different articles.

These additional query capabilities are provided
by a searchable index that was created by using the full text of the
176672 papers available at PubMed Central at the time of writing and
the sequences of nucleic acids appearing in them.

To automatically extract the genetic sequences occurring in each paper an
original method has been developed. The database is updated monthly by
automatically connecting to the PubMed Central FTP site to retrieve
and index new manuscripts. Users can query the database via the web
interface provided. Availability: PubDNA Finder can be freely accessed

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